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Tips for wearing neutrals

Tips for wearing neutrals


Now that the weather’s warming up, neutral colours seem to be appearing everywhere in the fashion world. And there’s no wonder why they’re so popular - neutral tones add a touch of lightness to your wardrobe, and are a perfect match for the upcoming spring weather. Whether you prefer white, cream, grey or all of them at once, a neutral outfit is one that’s sure to look sophisticated and put together… as long you style it right. Here are some tips for incorporating neutral colours into your wardrobe:

Add an interesting bag

When the rest of your outfit is lacking colour, a unique handbag choice adds a point of interest. More often than not, a standout accessory can make or break a look. This season straw bags are steadily gaining popularity, and add a summery touch to any outfit. Alternatively, a bag with a sculptural design is sure to turn heads, and acts as the perfect complement to an otherwise plain look.

Pay attention to jewellery.

Sometimes, the smallest of details can deliver the most impact. When you’re dressed in head to toe neutrals, it’s easy for your look to start feeling a little dull. However, adding some jewellery instantly adds some polish, and can elevate an otherwise boring outfit. If possible, try to match metals to the hardware on your accessories to really tie the look together.

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Play with proportions.

When you’re working with a limited colour palette, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experiment with the proportions of your outfit. A different silhouette adds a point of difference, and helps your outfit stand out from the crowd. You can try pairing a miniskirt with a long coat, as seen on Yoshino. Alternatively you could make a statement by wearing a long, voluminous dress - the possibilities are endless.

The more texture the better.

Likewise, contrasting textures in an all-neutral outfit can take it from 0 to 100. If you’re not careful, sporting one colour can be reminiscent of wearing loungewear, instead of a proper outfit. To avoid this, experimenting with texture helps elevate your outfit, and looks anything but basic. Pairing a chunky knit with linen pants and strappy heels is unexpected, but Hanelli Mustaparta totally pulls off the look. Likewise, you could pair a plain t-shirt with a skirt in a luxurious fabric. Don’t be afraid to get creative with textures - you might be surprised at what looks good together!