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Is Rose Gold still a Trend?


What do today’s most recognisable tech gadgets, jewellery, and accessories have in common? Aside from being popular product categories, the most sought after items are cloaked in the soft glow of rose gold!

Rose gold got off to a glowing start in 2015 in the mainstream market with the launch of the Apple’s iPhone 6S line. Consumers went nuts! And Apple unwittingly ushered in the era of rose gold. Not only in the consumer electronics world but also in fashion, rose gold is still enjoying its moment and shows no signs of slowing down! Yet, the colour itself is nothing new… as the luminous shade has lent its whimsical brand of shimmer to jewellery since its inception in the nineteenth-century Russia.  


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Why has the trend taken the world by storm you ask? Well, rose gold has a unique and delicate quality that consumers have been craving lately. Exuding sophistication, the colour itself has become more fashion forward than your usual gold and silver, making its own glamorous statement. Shades of rose gold have made an appearance everywhere.



You can find it in technology accessories, jewellery pieces, hair and makeup trends, as well as home décor. The colour itself is a universally flattering shade, in a way being very wearable and usable for just about anyone. It is also quite compelling as it offers a soft and subtle sense of luxury to your home or your wardrobe.



From electronic gadgets, home décor to the fashion industry, and even the wedding industry, rose gold creeps back into the social consciousness and is being utilised more than ever before. Rose gold isn’t a curiosity or a limited edition anymore, it’s a new classic.